At JP Cages We offer a wide range of services, specialising in Roll Over Protection

Systems, Motorsport fabrications and an ever growing range of new performance

fabricated parts!


We offer a wide range of products online which can be found in our online shop, as well as

this  we offer an extensive in house development service from custom roll bars to complete

FIA certified space frames.


As well as the supply and development of Roll Over Protections Systems we also offer our

own growing range of strut braces and harness bars, with other products in the pipe work

such as tubular performance sub frames and so on..


In our shop you can also find a range of performance and FIA approved seats, harnesses

and other accessories!


We also have very good relationships with businesses from the past 10 years going back

before JP Cages was even a thought! We are able to offer extremely competetive rates on

CNC services such as Punching and engraving, laser cutting, plasma cutting and lathe and

milling work.


As well as all of this we are also able to offer spray and powder coating services for a range

of applications. For more information see here.



If you have an inquiry on anything whatsoever do not hesitate to contact us

using  our live chat service!



We want to work along side all businesses that share our interests, we can offer trade

accounts for drop shipping and stock orders! Not only this we gladly manufacture

products on behalf of businesses to requirements. Whether it be from an existing

drawing or a full development to spec we’ve got you covered!


For more information contact sales@jpcages.co.uk with as much information as possible

and we will do our best for you!




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