Where it all began..

JP Cages started life as JP Engineering, started by Josh after 6 years experience employed in the industry, a small sole trader business offering welding and fabrication services throughout the industry offering subcontracting services as well as in-house bespoke fabrications. After 2 years in general engineering and fabrication there were a couple of requests for roll cages.

Josh Contacted the MSA for all the regulations and Proformance metals ltd where he spoke to Phil Matts, an encyclopedia of knowledge in the industry of Motorsport and specialist materials. With a good understanding of the procedures the first cages were made!

Shortly after, a local Motorsport company got in touch and 3 more cars were booked in for bespoke weld in roll cages, after publishing on social media the work which was undertaken Josh began to see a consistent flow of inquiries for Roll Over Protection Systems. In Janurary 2018 Josh Moved into a bigger unit in Woodhall spa and JP Cages was born!

Over the next 2 years the demand has consistently increased and continues to do so with some very exciting new projects coming up. Since then we have employed 2 staff, Emma the office manager and Martin an experienced coded welder of 45 years experience in the industry.

As JP Cages progresses we hope to grow the brand limitlessly and build fantastic new relationships with other Motorsport businesses, retailers and consumers!


Here's how we operate..


We use only the best materials for our cages.

As standard we use ROPT510:

ROPT510 ®  is a Roll Over Protection Tube that has been created to serve clubman motorsport and other projects that may need to meet MSA regulations.

It has specifically been designed by ProFormance for use in Roll cages, Roll over hoops, chassis construction, suspension componants and motorsport preparation applications.

ROPT510 is a carbon based cold drawn seamless with high strength, easy to form and great welding properties.

Minimum Yield Strength : 370 N/mm2 

Minimum Tensile Strength : 510 N/mm2 

Minimum Elongation : 25%

We also use T45:

T45 Steel Tube or to give it the correct name BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 is a very unique seamless Carbon based steel tube that has been used in many applications throughout industry. T45 Steel Tube possesses high tensile and yield properties. It’s excellent strength to weight ratio enables it to have many industrial uses from Roll Cages in Motorsport to Defence and Aerospace applications.

The advantage of such strong material means you can use a smaller thinner tube against conventional steel products but get the same or increased strength.

Thinner tube makes the product lighter, which has obvious advantages in motorsport, armoured vehicles and the aerospace industry.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We digitally measure the vehicle giving us precision accuracy before transferring the measurements into Our top of the line CAD software which allows us to accurately map out each part individually allowing us to ensure each component is a perfect fit for your vehicle.


Top of the range bending and notching machinery allows us to complete the most accurate of components with the best preparation for welded joints! All plate work is cut out on our in-house CNC Plasma table allowing us ultimate versatility when it comes to bespoke designs!

All our cages are designed to have the closest possible fit to the body shell to ensure maximum structural integrity and rigidity. All welding is completed by a fully qualified welder using A32 Anti creep MIG wire to maintain the best possible fusion to the high performance materials  and quality inspected on completion!