Vehicle Spray work

All prices are approximate and will vary depending on the state the vehicle is brought in.. based on minimal prep work required.

Interior Spray job for a vehicle with a weld in cage with epoxy and 2 coats of single stage gloss Approx £850 + Vat.

Same as above with wax oil chassis rails, inner arches ect, etc.. Approx £900 + Vat

Exterior shell bare metal with a coat of Epoxy Primer £450 + Vat on top of above prices.

Please inquire for more information.


Send us anything you want coating providing it will fit in a 3mx3m oven!

your part will be shot blasted to remove any contaminants, pre-heated and cleaned before applying a good coat of powder of your colour choice.

Email us at with details of the part for a quote!

We will arrange a hassle free solution, collection from you to us and back again!


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